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We work hard to live up to our Premier Multicultural Salon label by not only educating ourselves on all hair types, textures, and styles, but also learning about how beautiful everyone is from every lifestyle and every part of the world.

We are now located on the southside third floor of the brand new Fair-haired Dumbbell, right along the Burnside Bridge.


Our suites offer a variety of services in addition to haircare and skincare, including tattoo, massage, and wellness for a wide range of clients.



Our stylists specialize in hair of all colors and textures. With 12 salon chairs, two barber chairs, and two stations for private appointments, we have a service curated just for you.



We take a holistic approach to facials. Whether it’s to relieve stress, tackle eczema, cleanse, or wax, we offer a multitude of healthy services for all skin types.


Tattoo, Healing, & Bodywork

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We are currently looking for new Strut crew members. Interested in joining? Click below to see what we’ve got to offer!


Strut events

Workshops & Demos

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