Reiki Master

Danelle Jackson

I consider myself a Reiki master, medical intuitive, and animal whisperer. I bring forth love and light to help shift energy for those who feel stuck. I rely on my guides for strength and courage. I use drumming, sage, palo santo, sweet grass, singing bowls, and an open heart for those who are in session with me. I am grateful for the gifts I have to share and my continued growth.

My Reiki master teacher Betsy Robinson guided me through all levels of Reiki as I discovered what it meant to love myself and be able to share the healing with others. In 2012, I was drawn to Reiki and the teachings of Master Usui, who is the forefather of these teachings. I started meditating regularly and learned about hands-on healing from a friend, which became a regular practice of mine for three years. I then started working with my psychic mentor Lisa Fox to develop my intuitive.

Growing up, I knew I wasn’t like everyone else. As a young child, I noticed that I heard and saw things that maybe others didn’t and felt things deeply. Learning to embrace my uniqueness has been a lifelong journey. I started my self-discovery process in 2003 where I started to learn about who Danelle is and how I am wired. I am a daughter, wife, parent, and student of life. I look forward to meeting all who cross my path.