Stylist • devacurl Specialist

Rachel Elizabeth Jenkins


Rachel is an expert in her craft and displays the perfect blend of precision and artistry. She is influenced by diversity, color, texture, and culture. She has a highly trained eye when it comes to color and precision haircutting, with the ability to cut by feel according to the unique texture of each client’s hair. She is adept at texturizing to create movement and body when needed.

The individuality of Rachel’s clients is her greatest inspiration. Their lifestyle, boundaries, and goals help her to create a look that is both uniquely theirs and can push the limits of what they believed their hair could do. She is passionate about hair and how the way the right cut, color, and style can truly change someone feels about themselves. She also loves challenges, whether it is a specific budget, corrective color, fixing disappointing cuts, thick hair, thin hair, long hair, curls, texture, and more. She aspires to be innovative and create new techniques to solve any issue her client may have.

She is a strong believer in continuing education and perfecting her craft in the ever-changing hair and beauty industry.

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