LouLou Fernandez

Loulou is a North Jersey native, first-generation American of Caribbean descent, and Portland- based artist. When she isn’t behind the chair, you can find her doll collecting, power clashing, indulging in sweet tooth temptations, and working on creative projects ranging from exploratory performance art or contemporary mixed media. From a long line of skilled trade workers, including barbering and hairdressing, she feels most comfortable when entertaining and sharing hospitality. She thrives in collaborative circumstances and covets her guest’s salon experience. Of utmost importance to her, is cultivating an encouraging, trustworthy, and genuine relationship with each person she meets. She is aware that her profession is similar to that of a therapist and takes pride in the healing abilities of self-care. Along with a unique consultation personalized for each guest, she specializes in creative haircuts of vintage and modern essence, softly textured razor carving, and delicious curl reviving. If you are searching for a hairdresser who can smoothly oscillate between offering artistic direction while respecting your requests and clarifying your hair goals, come visit her!

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