Transformational Facilitator

Sharon Ann Rose

Sharon Ann Rose is a Transformational Facilitator, Wise Woman and Award-Winning Author. Through the hypnotic and shamanic arts, and her connection to the earth and Feminine Mysteries, Sharon provides a safe space to find and regain one's inner wisdom, self-healing and love. Sharon is the developer of the SoulBodySanctuary, The Aliveness Process and Womban's Rites and Rituals. Through her innocent and deep understanding of the importance of finding tools to support ease, safety and relaxation in the body, she offers personalized Healing Sessions and Ceremonies, retreats and initiations, Hypnosis, and Spiritual Mentorship to impact clear and lasting change from within.

When there is safety in the body, there is safety upon the Earth. When there is safety upon the Earth, life naturally grows from the heart and soul of all humankind.